Advisory Platform Product Updates

2023-08-23 New Beta feature added to Aider: ‘Advisory Assistant
2023-08-22 Improved data check builder for Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
2023-07-17 More time period options for Profitability insights & Report Pack
2023-07-17 Productivity enhancements for your GST task
2023-07-17 Streamline your data check process with a more flexible Aider Data Compliance tool
2023-06-09 New beta feature added to Aider: ‘Report Pack’
2023-05-18 New feature added to Aider: ‘Resync on demand’
2022-12-13 New feature added to Aider: ‘Custom tags and filtering’
2022-12-02 Aider’s new Data Compliance feature update: making it easier to bring your clients’ Xero files to a more complete & accurate state
2022-09-29 We’ve updated Aider’s ‘insight calculation control’ feature
  Introducing Aider’s new ‘adding new clients’ product update
2022-09-15 Be a more proactive advisor with Aider’s new 'Data Health Reconciliation' product update
  Work faster with our improved platform speed
2022-09-01 Uncover client cash flow trends with our ‘Actual Cash Flow’ feature
2022-08-19 Stay on top of your clients cash flow with our updated cash flow forecast model
  Take the first step to benchmarking your clients with our new ‘Filter by Industry’ feature
  Proactively support your clients with easy-to-share insights
2022-08-11 Easily access your clients Income Tax Estimates, GST Forecast and Key Profitability Insights
2022-08-04 Engage your clients and scale your practice with the latest version of our Client Dashboard Screen