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Advisory Platform Subscription & Billing Management

Updated: 10 April 2022

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How does billing work?

Here at Aider, we use a secure payment gateway system (Stripe) to automatically bill and collect payment for your account.

  • You will be billed once a month on the same day every month. This will be the same day of the month as the day after your free trial expires and your paid subscription starts.
  • You will be billed at the start of a billing month. Your billing month covers the period from one billing date to the next billing date, not calendar months.
  • The amount of your total bill will be based on the actual usage in the previous billing month. So if your practice added or removed clients in Aider, the total will be prorated to reflect the changes of the number of clients. You can see this breakdown in your invoices. And you can also see a rough estimate of how much you will be charged for the next month under ‘Current Plan’. This estimate is based on your current number of clients, and assumes that there aren't any changes to this number during the current billing month.
  • Payment will be taken automatically on the billing date. You need to set up a valid payment method by the end of your free trial to ensure continuity of service. If you have more than one payment method set up, payment will be taken from your default payment method. Your invoices and receipts will be available under ‘Invoice History’ on the 'Manage Subscription' screen.
  • You can manage your subscription and billing setup by selecting ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription'.

Can I pay manually upon receiving an invoice instead of setting up monthly automatic payments?

No, we do not offer a manual billing and payment option. Please set up your payment method for automatic billing and payment. If you have any questions about your bills, please contact our Customer Success Team.

Can I specify what day of the month automatic payments are taken?

No, the billing date is determined by your free trial start date. Your first bill and payment will be the day after your 30 day free trial ends. Subsequent bills and payments will be this same day of the month for all future months.

How do I get a copy of my invoices and receipts of my Aider payments?

Your invoices and receipts will be listed under ‘Invoice History’. Simply select ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Invoice History’.

How do I find out what clients we are being charged for?

If you are the person who set up the practice account initially, you will be designated as the practice ‘Admin’ and you will be able to see all of your clients currently connected to your practice account. If you have been invited to join the practice account, please contact your practice ‘Admin’ to find out what clients are currently connected to your practice.

How is my total bill calculated if I add or remove clients during a month?

Any changes you make to the number of clients will only be reflected in your bill for the following month. The total will be prorated to reflect when any changes were made (i.e. the addition or removal of any clients). You can see the breakdown in your invoices listed under ‘Invoice History’.

If you have NOT made any changes to the number of clients during the current billing month, then your next month's bill will simply be as follows: your current number of clients X price per client, per month. This is always shown under ‘Current Plan’

Me and my colleague added the same client, will we be charged twice for the same client?

No. Your clients are counted at a practice level. If you and your colleague share the same client, that client is only counted once in your billing calculation.

Who can see my subscription, billing, and payment information?

Any advisor in your practice who has access to your Aider account can manage your subscription and billing. For your protection, payment card information will only display the last four digits of your card number, as well as the expiration date.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

You can change your subscription simply by adding or removing clients from your Aider account.

  • To add clients, you can simply click on the “+” button in your clients listings to add more clients.
  • To remove a client, go into that client's ‘Client Details’ view, select ‘Client Settings’ (top right icon) > then click ‘Remove Business’.
  • To cancel your subscription, simply select ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Cancel Plan’. This will disable access to your client insights in Aider, for all of your advisors. To reactivate your service, simply select ‘Update Payment Settings’ > ‘Renew Plan’.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription mid-month?

No, your subscription will simply be cancelled starting with the next billing month. Your Aider account will continue to be available for the rest of the current billing month which you would have already paid for.

What payment methods does Aider accept?

We accept payment by credit, debit, and EFTPOS card only.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and UnionPay.

How do I add, remove, or change my payment method?

  • To manage your payment method, select ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Payment Method’.
  • To set up a new payment method, select the ‘Add Payment Method’ option under ‘Payment Method’ – then enter your payment card information. If you already have another payment method set up as your default, you can choose to use the new payment method as your default instead.
  • To remove a payment method, select the “...” next to that payment method, then ‘Delete’ from the pop-up menu. If a payment method is the default payment method, you won't be able to delete it until you set up or choose another payment method as the default payment method.
  • To change the default payment method, select the “...” next to the payment method you want to use, and select ‘Make Default’ from the pop-up menu.
  • To update a card's expiration date you will need to add the card again as a new payment method with the new expiration date and security CVC number. It is not possible to simply update your existing card's expiration date. You can delete the old card once you've set up the replacement payment method.

Will my payment card details be stored safely?

Payment methods that you set up via 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Add Payment Method’ screen will be stored securely. Your card information will be protected in accordance with international PCI compliance regulations. Only the last four digits of your card, along with its expiration date will be displayed on the 'Manage Subscription' screen.

How do I change my billing contact?

The first advisor within your practice to set up the payment method will become your billing contact.

  • To see who your current billing contact is, select ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Billing Information’.
  • To change your billing contact, select ‘Update Information’ under ‘Billing Information’. Here, you can change your email address, billing address, and contact phone number.

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