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Advisory Platform Pricing

Updated: 10 April 2022

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How much does Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform cost?

The Advisory Intelligence Platform base product is only $5 per client, per month. You can onboard an unlimited number of advisors per practice, and this base product provides you access to the Aider dashboard, client insights, and more.

Optional add-on: mobile app / digital assistant for your SMB clients – currently FREE (free for a short time only).

If you are an ‘Early Access’ customer you will continue to enjoy your discounted pricing as long as you continue your subscription. If you cancel your subscription, then resubscribe, you may lose your discount.

What is the price in my local currency?

If your practice is based in New Zealand or Australia, prices are based on your local currency. If you are in any other country, prices are in US dollars.

Is the price inclusive of GST / sales tax?

No, the prices do not include any local GST / sales tax. If you are in New Zealand, GST will be added to your total bill. If you are in any other country, no GST / sales tax will be added.

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