Get Started: Mobile App (Advisory Clients)

Find out how to get started in the Aider mobile app as an advisory client.

From OLD content - need to review & update steps.

6 steps to get started: Mobile App
Advisory Clients
1. Accept your invite
Connect with your advisor on Aider. Soon, you'll receive an email from your advisor with a special invite link to help set-up your account with Aider.
2.Sign up to Aider
On the sign up page, create an Aider account by signing up with the same email your advisor used in your invitation.
3. Download the app
Download the Aider digital assistant mobile app from Google Play or the iTune Store.
4. Login to Aider
Use the same email details you used to create your Aider account. You will see that your business is already set up and your Xero account is connected.
You can start talking to your advisor right away through the app. aider connects seamlessly with your Xero data when you accept the invitation from your advisor.
5. Connect an app
Connect the business apps you use every day to start receiving insights about your data! All you need is the email and passford for the chosen app you'd like to connect.
6. Ask questions
We encourage you to ask whatever you'd like to know about your data. Unsure what to ask? Check out the conversation starters in our Question Library!