Managing your Client Mobile App add-on


Invite your client to use the Aider Mobile App.

Provide value-add with our advisory Client Mobile App add-on. Give your clients access to our SMB digital assitant mobile app at discounted pricing. For a limited time only this will be free for you to try with your clients.


OLD content on invite statuses:

    Where to view invite statuses: You can see the invite statuses by selecting 'Invite User' on the business panel in the My Client's section. Further, underneath the business name, we will display which status your client currently has. If you invite multiple clients, you will see status of the most advanced client in their journey.

    • Pending: An invitation is pending when it has been sent to the client and the client has not accepted it yet. Note that the invitation link expires after 7 days and a new link can be created by clicking the three dots on the right and selecting 'Reinvite'. Aider will remind you via email when this is the case.
    • Accepted: An invitation is accepted when an Aider user is created. However, the client has not downloaded the Aider app yet and logged on. No need to worry, we will remind your client to complete the onboarding.
    • Live: Once your client has downloaded the Aider mobile app and logged in, they are officially live and you can start sending messages and reminders for them to receive!