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Scheduling & Removing a Favourite

Scheduling favourites are a great way to get the vital information that you use on a day to day basis sent to you automatically, without any effort. It is easy and quick to set up!

Keep in mind:

When scheduling a favourite, you are presented with three options: to get the information sent to you daily either at 8 am, noon or 5 pm.

We are working on a new feature that allows you schedule a favourite for any day and any time.  

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To add a favourite

In the Aider home screen ask a question that you would like to add to your favourites list. Then,  

  1. Hit the three dots under the answer, 
  2. Select the Add to Favourites option in the blue pop up, and
  3. Choose when you would like to receive the notification.

To remove a favourite

  1. Select the Favourites tab (the 💙 at bottom of home screen),
  2. Select the time you scheduled your ‘favourite’ for at the top of the screen,
  3. Find the favourite you would like to remove in the list, and
  4. Select the three dots (...) underneath the message, and
  5. Choose Delete in the blue pop up.
  6. Confirm that you would like to Remove Scheduled Message.