Template: Advisory Service Introduction Email

Sample email to send to your clients to introduce your advisory service offering.

Updated: 16 March 2023

If you are thinking about adding financial advisory to your service offering, here's a sample email you can send to your clients to introduce your new advisory service offering that uses Aider's Advisory Platform.

Simply copy and paste the sample email content below into your email software (e.g. Gmail), make any adjustments necessary, and send to your clients. Don't forget to personalise the email and work out your service pricing (if any) before you market your new advisory service!


At <PRACTICE NAME> we believe we can add value to your business by helping you take proactive actions to reach your long-term goals. 

Whether this be growing or selling your business, or perhaps something more personal like saving to buy a new home. Whatever it is that drives you, we’re here to help you achieve your goals. By communicating regularly, and tracking your business performance on a monthly basis, we can review your business together to help you take relevant, proactive actions.

Why tracking business performance can help you achieve goals: 

Your business is turning over <$###,###> and returning <$##,###> in profit. With the right measurement of performance in place, we can help you be proactive and take action to achieve your business goals. The following are some examples of how we can help you grow your business in the direction you want:.

  • Healthy cash flow ($ in your pocket) ensuring you have money in the bank WHEN you need it so that your business can run more smoothly.
  • Improving future tax visibility avoid the stress of getting bill shock and having to find large sums at the last minute to pay taxes.
  • Setting healthy business targets – ensuring your efforts are aligned with your goals for running your business.
  • More profit from every $ earned – knowing where to focus your efforts so that you have enough money not only to cover costs, but also have cash leftover to reinvest into your business, or to set aside for personal use.

What you will get with this service:

I’ll be sending you a monthly performance review that will help you…

  • Improve cash flow – identify when you may run into cash flow problems; make sure you get paid by your customers on time; and time your invoicing and big expenses more efficiently so you have money when you need it.
  • Plan for taxes due – know how much money to proactively set aside regularly for taxes due; be able to pay on time to avoid penalties and interests.
  • Improve profitability & achieve your goals – set monthly sales targets and monitor performance to increase income; review key expenditures and make sure you're charging the right amount to cover costs and earn the right amount of profit you need to achieve your goals.

From the above, we can identify what actions to take based on your business performance – and more specifically, any areas of improvement or potential opportunities to look into. The end goal is to maximise your businesses income, and minimise business-related costs. 

We're here to help you streamline your business finances so that you can quickly achieve your business goals. More than this, we can help you minimise financial-related stress and help you feel more in control.

Please let me know if you are interested in this new service. 

All the best,