Email Template for Advisors to send to Clients

This email template has some great information for your clients before you add their business in the portal and invite them as users.

Hi there!

[Advisor's name] from [advisor's practice name] is taking part in the beta-testing of Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Portal. This enables you as the client to get access to the Aider app for free! 

Who and what is Aider?

Developed here in Auckland, New Zealand, with a team in Takapuna, Aider is a startup that has built a groundbreaking app that gives business owners timely business insights when they need it. It is the rockstar employee that understands what is going on and lets the owner and/or manager know when something isn’t quite right. 

By downloading Aider via the link in the email you will receive from Aider, There will be able to send you reminders about key dates, run cash flow checks for you, and lots more.  Aider and There will be here to help you ‘do better business’. You will also be able to connect your other business apps and ask Aider questions, plus receive proactive notifications about what is going on in your business. 

You can watch a demo here or if you need more information, head to our website and arrange a time to talk to one of the team members! 

Keep an eye out for that email from There, coming to an inbox near you… soon!

The team at Aider