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Managing user invitations for client’s practice

This article will explain how to invite users to a client’s practice after the practice was initially set up.

By inviting a user, your client will receive an invite to download Aider and use it to connect other apps as well as get insights into the data they have connected. Furthermore, it will allow you to send them information about their data. The more apps your client connects, the more you will access to the Ask & Train Aider section.

  1. Select the ‘Invite User’ button in the selected client’s panel
  2. You can select which users you would like to invite and edit their contact information.
  3. Once you pressed the button to invite the selected users, an invitation email will be sent to them. You will receive a copy of it.


If the user does not accept the invitation, they will receive a reminder after a couple of days. If they have not actioned the invitation within a week, we will let you know.

You can view the status of each invitation by selecting the ‘Invite User’ button in the selected client’s panel.

This will show you which invites are pending, accepted and which users were suggested based on the Xero records but have not been invited yet. Pending invites can be re-invited.