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Understanding and using notifications

Utilizing the Advisory Intelligence Portal’s notifications most effectively is crucial to fully understand your client’s business data and enables you to prioritize your day-to-day work.

The notifications in the Advisory Intelligence Portal present your customers key performance indicators giving you an overall summary of their financial and non financial performance. This includes both leading and lagging indicators such as your clients sales conversion and marketing compared with profitability and growth.

Each notification has the following functionality:


  1. Any unread notifications are highlighted with an orange dot.
  2. To mark a notification as read, select Mark as Read. This will also move the notification at the top of the read notifications and below the unread ones.
  3. You can add a notification to your favourites by selecting the Add to my favourites option. This allows you to view all notifications which you have added to your favourites in the Favourites section of the middle panel. If a notification of that kind has an update, it will be posted within that section as well.
  4. By selecting the Go to Xero option, you will be taken to the Xero account of the client’s organisation that you are working on. Depending on which notification you are selecting this option for, the relevant Xero report or section will be opened.
  5. The More about this message option allows you to view additional data about the message. This includes the data source, a brief description and a glossary.