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Understanding the ‘My Client’s’ panel

The 'My Client’s' panel provides an overview of which clients are connected as well as some key information about each of them. This article explains what information you can find within the panel.

Each connected client is listed in the My Clients panel, alongside key information about their organisation.


  1. The business information in this section is imported from Xero.
  2. This number indicates how many unread notifications there are for each client.
  3. The active apps number shows how many apps the client has connected within their Aider. When hovering over it, which apps are connected is viewable. All app connections can be questioned in the Ask & Train Aider section.
  4. The statuses of user invitations can be viewed and new invitations sent by selecting the Invite User button. Read more here on how to manage user invitations.
  5. A new client can be added using the Add a Client button. You can read more about how this works here.