Understanding your Advisory Dashboard

Prioritise which clients to talk to using your Advisory Dashboard

Updated: 8 November 2023

    Your Advisory Dashboard shows you at a glance how ALL of your activated clients are performing on key metrics.

    You can quickly:

    • Identify who needs help without having to dive into each of your client's details individually
    • Spot clients who may benefit from additional services - e.g. those who are growing and could benefit from financial advice to scale up their business sustainably

    Use this to:

    • Help you prioritise which clients to talk to at different points of the accounting calendar
    • Identify opportunities to up-sell to your clients

    How to use the Advisory Dashboard’s key features:


    1. For ease of analysis, the related key performance indicators (KPIs) are grouped together.
      • Data dependencies such as reconciliation statuses are also shown with the KPIs that they affect.
      • Prioritise fixing these data tasks first, so that the KPIs are more reliable.
      • Aider automatically syncs with Xero daily overnight. But if you make a lot of changes in Xero and need to see updated KPIs immediately, click on  icon_resync_20x20  under the client’s name to resync the data for that client.

    2. To help you manage by exceptions, significant trends are colour-coded.
      • Use this to help you quickly spot which clients need help and which may be open to additional services.

    3. To help you prioritise your jobs to be done, you can sort clients by KPI of interest: 

      • Simply click on  icon_sort-option-indicator+20x20  next to the column label. 
      • Sort options vary by column. Most will allow you to sort by amount and by trend direction. 
      • You can also sort clients alphabetically and search for a client by name.

    4. The Dashboard Assistant can also help you analyse & prioritise which clients to focus on:
    5. To focus on specific client groups, filter your clients:

      • Compare clients within an industry or related industries:
        • Assess whether individual clients are doing worse than their peers, or whether there are industry trends impacting all clients in that industry.
        • The industry classifications are taken from your clients’ Xero files. If any are incorrect, go to the client’s Xero Organisation Settings > change and save their “line of business” field. Come back to Aider and click  icon_resync_20x20  to resync Aider with Xero.
      • Create and compare custom client groups:
        • If you have different workflows for different client groups, you can use custom tags and filter to group clients accordingly.
        • Simply go into the client’s “Client Settings”, add tags as necessary - e.g. service levels, who does the reconciliation and GST filing, office or team assignment.
        • You can then filter the Dashboard by custom tags to see only the group of clients you are interested in.
        • Assess whether individual clients are doing worse than their peers, or whether there are trends impacting all clients in that custom group you defined.

    6. To find out more about a client’s KPI:

      • Click the data cell to go to that client’s Client Insights pages.

    7. To learn more about a KPI:

      • Mouse-over the column label to get a short description.