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Aider Advisory Platform - 14 day free trial

Frequently asked questions about Aider's free trial period

Updated: 26 January 2023

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Can I try Aider for free?

Yes. When you sign up to Aider, you get instant access and unlimited use of the Advisory Intelligence Platform completely FREE for the first 14 days. You can cancel your Aider account at any time.

You can set up an account for your practice, invite your colleagues as additional advisors, add your clients to see their data compliance and performance insights, and share these insights with your clients.

Do I need to enter payment details to secure the free trial period?

No credit card details are required. The first 14 days of Aider are completely FREE! But you are welcome to set up a payment method any time during the free trial period to ensure that your account is extended following the trial period.

Will each advisor in my practice also get to use Aider free for the first 14 days?

Yes. During your 14 day free trial of Aider, every advisor in your practice can use Aider for free. But they do not have to set up their own account. When the first advisor at your practice sets up an account with Aider for your practice, they can invite other advisors within your practice to the platform. The 14 days for free applies to all advisors in your practice who wish to use Aider and starts when the first advisor sets up your practice’s Aider account. Billing is based on the total number of clients added to your practice’s Aider account, so will not be affected by the number of advisors you invite.

How do I find out the number of days I have left in my free trial?

In your Aider Advisory Platform you will see a countdown banner during your first 14 day free trial of Aider. Any advisor within your practice can follow the link in the banner to set up a payment method, in preparation of the 14 day free trial period ending.

How do I continue my subscription after my 14 day free trial ends?

Easily! Once the 14 day free trial of Aider ends, simply follow the link to set up your payment method and your account will be reactivated.

How do I cancel Aider if I feel that it isn’t for me?

There is no need to cancel Aider during the 14 day free trial, if you have not set up your payment method during this period. Once the free trial ends, your account will be automatically put on hold. You will still be able to access your subscription and billing information, but the rest of the platform will be inaccessible until you set up your payment method. Once you have done so, all of your data will be reactivated and you can then access your Aider account again. 

If you already set up a payment method during the 14 day free trial period, simply select ‘Account Settings’ (bottom icon on the left blue bar) > 'Manage Subscription' > ‘Cancel Plan’.

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