Understanding the Client Insights section

Monitor a client's data compliance and financial performance

Updated: 22 August 2023

The Client Insights section contains all the key information you need to work efficiently with an individual client, including support for:

Data compliance tasks
Monitor and bring a client's data to a complete and accurate state.
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Performance advisory tasks

Monitor and alert the client to potential issues with profitability, taxation, and cash flow. 
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Aider's Advisory Assistant (Beta)
Save time and effort with Aider’s private and convenient Generative AI assistant.
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Aider's Report Pack (Beta)
Create simple, small-business friendly performance reports.
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You can also manage a client’s Aider settings in this section
e.g. calculation settings, custom tags, what colleagues have access to this client.
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Complete your tasks efficiently with Aider's Client Insights

  • Filter out the noises in the raw figures.
  • Focus on anomalies and outstanding tasks.
  • Focus on the significant trends (variances) and performance patterns.
  • Spot trends and patterns more easily with graphs that even your clients can understand.
  • Spot early signs of issues with our Early Warning System
    (estimates and forecasts based on analysis of historical data using artificial intelligence).
  • Communicate key insights with your clients easily via email.
  • Or try out Aider’s ‘Report Pack’ beta feature - a customisable, small-business friendly performance report that includes an Executive Summary and action points drafted by Generative AI.
    (A beta feature is a sneak peek of a new software feature, where users can try it out for free and provide feedback to help our software team make improvements before the official release.)

How to get to and navigate the Client Insights section


    1. From the Dashboard:
      Click on any data cell to get to the corresponding Client Insights page.
      Use this approach to investigate significant trends shown on the Dashboard.
    2. Using the Aider menu bar:
      Click on  icon_menu_ClientInsight_20x20_bOw  to go to the Client Insights section.
      Use the Clients menu panel to find the client you want.

    3. Once in the section, use the tabs under the client’s name to navigate between the client’s Data Compliance checklists, and the various types of performance insights - Cash Flow, Taxes & Compliance, and Profitability.